Avant CenterAvant Tecno manufactures high quality, compact, multi purpose loaders and attachments in Ylojarvi, Finland. The strong Avant loaders are designed and manufactured following customer needs, in order to give the best possible performance in a multitude of jobs.

The model range consists of machines destined for heavy duty professional use, as well as for the demanding DIY enthusiast.

Avant stickerAvant Tecno Oy was founded in 1991. Since then it has produced many innovative solutions in the field of multi-functional loaders and attachments. Product development has always been and will be one of the most important factors in Avant’s success.

The manufacturing, product development, sales and marketing for Avant are located in Finland with subsidiary sales offices in the UK, US and Germany. Elsewhere in the world, Avants are sold through a competent and comprehensive importer-dealer network. Avants are exported to over 45 countries. Today, there are over 35,000 Avant loaders working all over the world.

Avant Tecno assembly

Avant multi-functional loaders are manufactured in the Ylöjärvi plant with the most modern production technology available. Sheet metal cutting happens with automated laser cutting machine, welding is done with a complete robot welding line and painting is done on an automatic powder coating line. All processes are strictly controlled by the Avant quality control system, which also guarantees that all machines are thoroughly tested before delivery.

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Multi connector
Multi Connector System now as standard.