High quality compact multi-purpose loaders and attachments

Avant Tecno manufactures high quality compact multi purpose loaders and attachments in Ylojarvi, Finland. The strong Avant loaders are designed and manufactured following customer needs, in order to give best possible performance in a multitude of jobs. The model range consists of machines destined for heavy duty professional use, as well as for demanding do-it-yourself work.

Avant landscaping

The trump card in landscaping

The Avant is an unbeatable machine for landscaping jobs.
Avant farming applications

The most versatile machine on the farm

Avant can tackle all the hard jobs that formerly had to be done by hand
Avant construction applications

Construction / Demolition

The tireless multi task machine for construction sites
Avant DIY applications

For active DIY people

Helps you with construction jobs, groundcare, landscaping, snow removal, forest works etc.
Avant groundcaare applications

The best machine for gardening jobs

Avant is the real multi purpose machine for all kinds of groundcare jobs.
Avant multi connector system

Avant Multi Connector

Makes changing attachments quick and easy. Watch a video demo.
Avant hire

Avant Hire

Use our easy map to find your nearest Avant Hire partner.